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Mya Like Wo!

Mya Marie Harrison

What's Up to all of the Mya fans. This is a newly created website. I made this site because I am Mya's #1 fan. There is no other like her. She is so beautiful and talented. She stands out from all of the other singers. She has her own style... she has her own voice. Mya is the best at what she does. And if you didn't know... You better as somebody!

About Updates

I will up this website about every two weeks or so. Everytime I here about news or rumors I will update. Well, basically anytime I fell like it. I will tell you this though. I am forgetful. So I might not keep my word on when I will update this site. But it will be done. Okay. So be patient!

What will BE!

Soon I will have alot of things on here. Like Discography, Biographys, Pictures, News, Facts, Links... And More...

Mya Like Wo

If You were a true MYA fan you would tell as many people on the web about MYA's new site. No, I'm kidding. But this is the link!

Mya Like Wo

What Else?

To make my site really a success. I need pictures. Would you want to go to a site about a celeb and there were no pictures of the celeb. That would be wack. I already have about 30 pics. But I could always use more. Click this link and send me a pic.

Shays Email

Shay Shay